The 7 Systems For A Hands-Free Business  

What you need to run your time-for-money business hands-free and ensure it works for you

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Scale & Run Your Business Without It Running You 

We help you grow your law firm or other professional service business so you enjoy freedom and financial opportunity as you grow from 6 to 7+ figures in annual revenue.

helping you harness your

ideas, heart & hustle

You did it for the freedom.

When you launched your business, you saw an opportunity. 

To monetize your ideas.  To create something that was all your own.  To serve people without serving "a boss".

In other words, you did it for freedom.  You did it for flexibility.  And you did it for financial opportunity.

And while you've gotten this far (congrats!), you still want more.

You're willing to work for it.

You want to build momentum and financial opportunities.  You want to reinvest in your other ideas or helping more people.  You want to have a great team and offer remarkable client experiences while you enjoy your life.

And you want this without getting bogged down in the day-to-day, feeling like a micromanager or  struggling with the clients-consults cycle that never seems to end.  

But while you're willing to hustle (and you definitely do!), deep down you wish it didn't have to be this hard.

But you can't be everything in your business.

Whether it's the process that you hate writing and no one follows, finding talent that doesn't need massive training or oversight, or fielding constant questions that only you seem to be able to answer... it's not sustainable to be everything in your business.

If you want scale, if you want that freedom, if you just want an afternoon off without it all piling on your plate for tomorrow, you need some help.

we help guide you through these

stages of freedom

  •   IN & Doing It All

  •   Higher Value Focus

  •  Working ON Growth

  •   OWNing Your Future

IN The Business & Doing It All

You started for the freedom, flexibility, and financial opportunity but right now... you're doing it all.  And the busyness and burden of it can overwhelm your bigger vision, making it feel that's like something only other people get to experience.

To get you off the hamster wheel and on your optimized track to growth, we help clear a number of your everyday hurdles... like mastering your personal productivity, developing business skills to complement your subject matter expertise, and generating sufficient revenue to provide you with options beyond a jam-packed work week.  

our signature training program

the academy

  The Upward Acceleration Academy is our signature training program, helping law firms, agencies and other professional service business owners differentiate & scale their business without going crazy or capping out.

success stories

The Results Will Come...

Rachel does not allow for you to excuse your way through the process. Once you have someone holding you accountable, the results will come. Rachel is AMAZING!  (View Case Study 1 & 2)

Daniel Hernandez

NextLevel law by daniel hernandez

It Means Freedom...

It means freedom. Freedom of mind. Freedom of time. Freedom to focus on my family and still have a well-oiled machine. (View Case Study)

Masah SamForay

the foray firm

about the founder

Rachel Steininger

From corporate executive to business consultant, Rachel Steininger helps law firm owners and entrepreneurs achieve 'CEO Freedom.'  Whether it's about pursuing big ideas and even bigger momentum, or about taking an afternoon off with their kids, Rachel ensures her clients are fully supported by their team and systems with a proprietary process called the Execution Engine.  From b-school to the board room to board games, learn more about Rachel here.

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