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Owning Your Time & Income Stream

Ever wondered what a self-managed business can do for you?  Well guess what... you're about to find out!  As you've scaled your practice, mastering the art of momentum and delegation, it's time to shift upward once again.  Into a vision in which your business is optimized for your personalized version of success so that you can enjoy all the profit and opportunities for impact that comes with a turnkey business

And as for what's next... Will you focus on the work you love to do?  Will you sell or semi-retire?  Will you expand and take your model into new locations?  We guide you into your future of freedom, flexibility, and financial opportunity.  But you... you own it!

our signature training program

elite coaching

  Upward Acceleration Elite Coaching is our signature program, helping law firms, agencies and other professional service business owners differentiate & scale their business without going crazy or capping out.

case studies

The Results Will Come...

Rachel does not allow for you to excuse your way through the process. Once you have someone holding you accountable, the results will come. Rachel is AMAZING!  (View Case Study 1 & 2)

Daniel Hernandez

NextLevel law by daniel hernandez

It Means Freedom...

It means freedom. Freedom of mind. Freedom of time. Freedom to focus on my family and still have a well-oiled machine. (View Case Study)

Masah SamForay

the foray firm

about the founder

Rachel Steininger

From corporate executive to business consultant, Rachel Steininger helps business owners achieve 'CEO Freedom.'  Whether it's about pursuing big ideas and even bigger momentum, or about taking an afternoon off with their kids, Rachel ensures her clients are fully supported by their team and systems with a proprietary process called the Acceleration Engine.  From b-school to the board room to board games, learn more about Rachel here.


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