3 Approaches to Building Trust and Business Growth With Clients

by Rachel Steininger

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Building trust with customers

I'm sure you work to create the Know Like & Trust factors in your marketing and sales process.

But what happens to your customer AFTER the sale?

In this video, I cover the 3 typical pathways companies take with their clients.

2 that you definitely don't want...

(Like the Death by 1,000 Paper Cuts and the Quick To Hire, Quick To Fire clients!)

But one of them is the ideal pathway and, if you follow it, you'll find it's the key to not only supporting your clients and building that trusted relationship, but truly mobilizing the growth of your business.

In this video, we'll discuss...

  • The emotional buying decision of your customers...
  • How to back up those positive emotions (without accidentally ruining what you worked so hard to build)...
  • Common "dings" that cause "surprise" firings...
  • And ways to leverage the natural evangelization your clients want to provide.

Let's get your client experience set up to succeed, with the freedom of referrals and repeat business!

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