5 Stages To Sales Growth

by Rachel Steininger

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5 Sales Process Stages... Plus rapport building In every one of them

Did you know....?

There are actually 5 Stages To Sales Growth.

Yes...  Five!

There's far more to growing a business than just Marketing & Sales.

And you can set yourself up for Sales Growth from each of these stages when you ask yourself and your clients a different question in every stage.

In this video, you'll learn about...

Why hitting (or missing) the mark in stage 3 can swing all of your marketing and sales efforts toward good or bad...

...and the best path to ensure yours swings positive.

The unique leverage that service based businesses have over their product-focused counterparts...

...and how to embrace it for business growth.

The key questions to ask in each of the five stages of growth...

...and how the answers create no-brainer opportunities for your clients to expand their relationship with you.

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