The 7 Systems For A Hands-Free Business  

What you need to run your time-for-money business hands-free and ensure it works for you

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meet the founder

Founder of Upward Acceleration, Rachel Steininger is a single mom and former corporate executive turned entrepreneur. She helps business owners and entrepreneurs create freedom, flexibility and financial opportunity.  

Using proprietary methods and frameworks, she works with the owners of law firm and other professional service businesses to get out of the grind, focus and free their time so they can pursue their dreams in and out of business.

Rachel knows her real job is to be her clients’ CEO Freedom Strategist. She believes that when they navigate relationships in a win-win way... with their business, their team, and their clients... these entrepreneurs get to stop being the worker and show up as the amazing professional and business owner they want to be.

Her first real taste in business came as a client rep for Princess Cruises in Alaska. Working with tourists full of great questions and great courage, she changed her major to business and never looked back.

After completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Notre Dame, Rachel then spent nearly two decades of her professional career in the world of institutional investments, earning her MBA from the University of Chicago in the process. 

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Prior to launching Upward Acceleration, Rachel held the role of Head of Client Service at UBS Asset Management where she led a team of client relationship managers as well as her own book of clients.

But her real job there was to drive revenue growth and create buy-in across the business for new initiatives. You'd have found Rachel planning client conferences, leading global working groups, and negotiating multi-billion dollar product launches. 

The range of working with lost tourists to building business opportunities with exacting investors has allowed Rachel to bring to her coaching a combination of energy, intelligence, and "no black holes" tenacity.

While her clients see this in her commitment to their success, friends and family see it in her amazing relationship with teenage son, Gavin, her love of canine fur baby, Loki, and in her competitive spirit playing board games.

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