BeyondSMART: Comprehensive Goal Setting For Business Growth

byRachel Steininger

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In today's fast-paced business world, every professional service business owner strives for growth and success. But even with a big vision in mind, you may end up struggling with the comprehensive goal setting, action planning, and motivation for you and your team to keep it all going.

So how exactly can we achieve these goals? How can we navigate the complex journey towards business growth? 

Welcome to BeyondSMART - a comprehensive goal setting system that goes beyond traditional goal-setting and empowers professional service business owners to unlock their full potential. 

In this blog post, we will explore the what and why of BeyondSMART, including the key elements of Identity, Indicators, and Individual, and how they can help you achieve your business growth goals.

Defining Goals

Before we delve into BeyondSMART, let's first understand what goals truly are. 

According to, goals are aims or objectives that we work toward with effort and determination. Goals provide us with direction and purpose, driving us to strive for excellence. Evidence shows that having goals and writing goals increases our likelihood of success.  

So if you haven't yet found your way to setting goals for your business, start with this.


It is important to differentiate between goals and simple decisions.  If you find yourself just needing permission to make a decision, go ahead and make it! Some decisions don't require the elaborate planning and effort that medium- to long-term goals do.

Setting the GPS for Business Success

BeyondSMART introduces a new way of approaching goal setting for business growth by likening it to setting our GPS for a road trip. Similar to programming our destination and starting point into the GPS, we begin by defining where we want our business to go. This is our goal - the destination we aim to reach. However, the GPS journey involves more than just the start and end points; we need to make additional decisions.

Quote card from text with image of winding road along mountainside in background.
Choosing Your Route

When embarking on a road trip, we consider several factors - tolls, side roads, scenic routes, and more. 

Similarly, in our business journey, we must decide how we will navigate the path to our goals. Are we going to take the direct route or explore alternative avenues? Likewise, are we fast, risk-taking drivers or slow, scenic route travelers?

This choice depends on our preferences, circumstances, and the nature of our business. We must consider the type of drivers we want to be as that directs the strategies and approaches we will adopt.

In some ways, that GPS is really our Goal Precision System, the means by which achieve our goal, not just the goal itself.  

The Three I's of BeyondSMART

To help incorporate this comprehensive goal setting of the 'GPS', BeyondSMART goes a step further than the typical SMART and written-down approach.  It does so by emphasizing three crucial elements - Identity, Indicators, and Individual - enabling professional service business owners to align their goals and drive business growth.

Let's explore each of these elements.


Identity encompasses the core values, brand, and unique attributes that define your business. It represents who you are, what you stand for, and the value you bring to your clients. Clearly defining your business's Identity is essential in attracting the right clients, employees, and opportunities that align with your vision. By incorporating your business's Identity into your goals, you create a strong foundation for growth and success.


Indicators are tangible metrics or milestones that serve as markers of progress towards your goals. They may include financial targets, customer satisfaction levels, or operational efficiencies. Indicators serve as guideposts along your journey, helping you track your progress and make data-driven decisions. By regularly measuring and analyzing these Indicators, you can ensure that your goals remain on track and adjust your strategies if necessary.


The Individual element of BeyondSMART recognizes that not everyone thinks alike or shares the same motivations. As a professional service business owner, involving others in your goals and initiatives becomes crucial as you transition from "me goals" to "we goals." Understanding the unique perspectives, motivations, and needs of your team members, clients, and stakeholders is key to driving collective success. By considering the individual aspects of those involved, you can refine your goals to resonate with and inspire others.

BeyondSMART Business Growth in text with three interlocking circles showing the 3 I's: Indicators, Identity and Individual

Achieving Business Growth with BeyondSMART

Traditional goal-setting frameworks often rely on SMART goals - Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, and Time-bound. While SMART goals provide a solid foundation, BeyondSMART is a comprehensive goal setting process that takes it a step further by incorporating the three I's.

It recognizes that growth and success in professional service businesses require more than just ticking off SMART criteria. It fast tracks the achievement of your business goals by aligning goals with your business Identity, measuring meaningful Indicators, and considering the Individual perspective of those involved.

As you move forward, use the BeyondSMART Business Growth PDF guide and templates here to go deeper and begin capturing their value in your professional service business.  With the help of this resource, you can integrate the three I’s into your planning process, into the communication of your goals and the next action steps with your team, and tap into the extra motivational punch for your own accountability and forward momentum.

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BeyondSMART offers a fresh approach to goal-setting for professional service business owners, empowering them to achieve business growth and success.

By incorporating the elements of Identity, Indicators, and Individual into goal-setting strategies, you can align your business's purpose, track your progress effectively, and inspire those around you. 

Go Beyond SMART and unlock the full potential of your professional service business!

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