The 7 Systems For A Hands-Free Business  

What you need to run your time-for-money business hands-free and ensure it works for you

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client stories

Law firm owner, Michael Reed, took action and prioritized focus to double revenue quarter over quarter. Watch his case study here.

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Michael Reed: Doubled Revenue Quarter Over Quarter

With confidence in his business, Chris Quigley has transformed his ability to achieve his annual goals in 1/4 of the time. Learn from his case study here.

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Chris Quigley: Annual Goal Realized in a Single Quarter

After just a few months in Upward Acceleration, Rob Harrer and his law firm have had their investment pay off “multiple times over.” Watch the case study here.

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Rob Harrer: Relaxed & Confident… It’s Running Itself When I’m Away

“The biggest change has been me and getting out of the mindset of limiting myself.” Learn more about Jasmin’s powerful and life-changing experience.

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Jasmin Rhia: Life-Changing Mindset Changes

After recovering from personal loss, Masah is positioned to continue her exponential growth with freedom to focus on her family. Learn about her journey here.

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Masah SamForay: Exponential Growth With Focus On Family

From bandaids to the birds eye view, Daniel Hernandez is making better business decisions to grow his law firm, team and systems. Watch the interview here.

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Daniel Hernandez Update: Birds Eye View For Better Business Decisions
Woman with short brown hair in suit with legal library behind her.
January Stramaglia

january family law, llc

I love that Upward Acceleration requires me to focus on owning the business, not just running it.  The presentations are well-organized and I'm getting a broader overlook instead of just jumping from task to task.

Ashley Rodriguez

second chance law

I love having someone to keep me accountable and on my goal path.  I'm given the opportunity to speak openly with a business coach and collaborate with likeminded business owners.

Ambar Gonzalez

aag law center

I love the detailed explanation on how to use the tools provided and the purpose for each.  Plus I love how we can all go at our own pace and tailor to our needs.  I now have the tools that I need to identify where I need to grow and how.  That makes it easy to set the goals and the steps to reach them.

Black woman with bright red lipstick, white shirt and pearls, arms crossed and looking thoughtfully at the camera.
Masah SamForay

The foray firm

It means freedom. Freedom of mind. Freedom of time. Freedom to focus on my family and still have a well-oiled machine.

Daniel Hernandez

nextlevel law by daniel Hernandez

Having that peace of mind that, every day you wake up and you're doing the right things to get you to your goal. It's another invaluable piece of what Rachel has coached me on.

Jasmin Rhea

the dj violinist

I love the detailed explanation on how to use the tools provided and the purpose for each.  Plus I love how we can all go at our own pace and tailor to our needs.  I now have the tools that I need to identify where I need to grow and how.  That makes it easy to set the goals and the steps to reach them.

Tom Merritt pictured in navy suit, blue tie, dark hair
Tom Merritt

summit funding

Rachel gave my team high-potential team permission to step up and take on challenges and roles that I was not able to unlock as their manager.  I highly recommend having Rachel come into your team dynamic to assess and help find ways to grow your team to the next level of leadership.

Jason Shimotake

the shimotake law firm

Upward Acceleration gives me a refresher on a lot of issues and concepts that got lost in the weeds in the last few years as the tent-pole items (consultations and fulfillment) become the foreground of my day.  It's put the business aspect of the matter back into perspective and the foreground meaning I'm pushing agendas that I might have delayed further.

Torriente Toliver, black male with red shirt, arms crossed against backdrop of red wall and self-defense poster
Torriente Toliver

mind body defense

I wanted to create opportunities to expand my visibility and credibility as a self-defense instructor. More than anything, Rachel changed my focus from getting clients to finding partnerships which I could use to build lasting relationships. This change has created a major shift in my ability to create paid opportunities.

Aaron Gang pictured - white male with rimless glasses and black shirt
Aaron Gang

aaron gang photography

Meeting and working with Rachel has opened my eyes to what’s possible for my future.  She has given me a roadmap for moving onward and upward.  Her knowledge and confidence mixed with her heart is a real gift. I know that as I continue to work with Rachel I’ll be empowered to take my business exactly where it needs to be.

John Faustino - black suit & gray tie, smiling
John Faustino

head of fi260, a broadridge company

In addition to being highly skilled in delivering client service, Rachel is also very adept at teaching others how to leverage it for business success.  I've been consistently impressed with Rachel's ability to deliver value in both large-structure corporate environments and small businesses.  I highly recommend her.

Brian Anderson photo
Brian Anderson

fathering together

Rachel was amazing and thoughtful in her approach to helping me and my co-founder think through our sales process.  Rachel reframed everything! She simplified my thinking and helped me to see our content and products as opportunities for relationship building rather than just a commodity. If you find yourself getting turned around or overthinking things, Rachel is perfect for you!

Chelsee Carter
Chelsee Carter


Rachel is amazing at understanding the inner workings of a company and utilizing each member's individual strengths to further the business. It's easy to overlook the gaps in your business when you're currently in it, but Rachel really focuses on bridging those gaps and taking a look at those blindspots that could potentially be holding you back.

Alexis Pool
Alexis Pool


Rachel helped me to completely change my perspective on client consultations and networking to generate referrals. She helped me to see and build connections between our firm’s brand values and how we interact with both prospective and current clients.  Rachel has helped me completely rethink the sales process and how I can remain true to myself and build our firm’s business at the same time.

From Thought Leadership To Total Leadership

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