Rob Harrer: Relaxed & Confident… It’s Running Itself When I’m Away

by Rachel Steininger

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As detailed in this case study, after just a few months in Upward Acceleration, Rob Harrer and his firm, the Zero Debt Law Firm, have had their investment pay off "multiple times over."  

Join me for this conversation with Rob to discuss his results and takeaways from the Upward Acceleration program.  

But first, some of the highlights...

  • From things breaking and going wrong (despite having systems in place), Rob and team now have freed up time to work on bigger projects that will reap more revenue over the long term
  • Rob's checking email less at night, is less stressed and has more confidence in his business overall.
  • And having put to use new and unique insights on things he thought he knew about, their business systems have improved and paid off their investment multiple times over.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn more about Rob Harrer's experience in Upward Acceleration and what it's done for him and his business.

rob harrer

Upward Acceleration has allowed me to learn, implement, do. Learn, implement, do. It's paid off multiple times over.


Rachel Steininger  00:00

Welcome, everybody. I am here today with Rob Harrer of the Zero Debt Law Firm. I'm so excited to talk to you, Rob, today about your experience in Upward Acceleration. How are you today?

Rob Harrer  00:10

Good. Thanks for having me.

Rachel Steininger  00:11

Great, great.  So I would love to hear about a little bit about your journey. Maybe we can start off with before you actually joined Upward Acceleration. And tell me a little bit about where you were at in your business and what was going on for you when you decided to join the founders launch.

Rob Harrer  00:28

We're a small firm, we have four and a half people. And so we're kind of like, things were a little chaotic. We had systems in place, but they weren't really like built out, and things would break and go wrong. And we're putting out fires a lot of times.  Obviously, that would take away from the overarching goals that we were working towards, that would grow the business.

Rob Harrer  00:57

So it was sometimes it felt a little chaotic, and, or a lot chaotic. So that's kind of where we were at. And I knew there's a better way to do things, but it was just a matter of finding out, like getting someone else's experience of how to do those things, and what to do.

Rachel Steininger  01:14

Okay, so it sounds like you're dealing with a lot of that chaos, systems not in place in the way that you wanted them to be. And it's holding you back from your goals, right? So you're at this point, you know there's something else that you could be doing. And Upward Acceleration kind of comes across in your world. And what really prompted you to join?

Rob Harrer  01:34

Really the idea of coaching. So I know you know, read up a little bit about your background and was comfortable with the idea of coming into a coaching program, where I knew I needed it, and it would help and get things in place. And it would also kind of force me to be accountable, in the sense that because I had a lot of ideas... we'll always get to it, but we never got to it. And so what it is, is part of it is I know myself and I think a lot of people are, a lot of other attorneys that I know, it's the accountability part where I may not hold myself accountable. But if someone else is there, then I'll be motivated to get something done.

Rachel Steininger  02:20

That makes sense that accountability has been big and wanting that coaching.  What has been your favorite part of being in the program? What have you liked about it?

Rob Harrer  02:28

There's two things I like. One is when we were going over the training sessions and I was pretty familiar with an area, or thought I was, you came up with something new, different, and that I hadn't considered before. And everything from like, tools to a different process or a different way of looking at something.

Rob Harrer  02:53

So that was really helpful, because we actually took that and implemented it here and it worked out very well. The other aspect of it was that I did like hearing the issues that other people were having and  their ideas. So I did like the group coaching part of it because I got to my broaden my perspective, and to get other people's opinions and thoughts.

Rachel Steininger  03:21

Okay, great. That's awesome. I'm glad that group coaching and it's great to hear you take action. I love good action takers. Tell me, what have been some of the results? What are some of the things that you've been able to accomplish over these couple of months of working through the program.

Rob Harrer  03:36

So what's happened is we've gotten more of our systems in place, streamlined. And so we're running more efficiently. There's far fewer mistakes. And in in that sense, we've been able to free up time to work on bigger projects, kind of longer term projects that will yield higher revenues in the future. And it's already starting to pay off. So I've brought on a marketing manager, which has helped a lot so that, you know, that couldn't have happened like six months ago.

rob harrer

We've been able to free up time to work on bigger projects, kind of longer term projects that will yield higher revenues in the future. And it's already starting to pay off. 

Rachel Steininger  04:13

So is it feeling any different in your business than it did a couple of months ago? It sounds like you've made a lot of tangible progress. What does that mean for you, in particular for you and your business partners?

Rob Harrer  04:23

Yeah, so for me, I'm less stressed. And I've got more free time too. So I'm not working as late as I used to. I'm checking my phone for emails less, which to me is a big deal. Because when I'm off, I like to be off and focused on something else on my off time, so I'm much more relaxed and confident that the business is running itself when I'm away from it, and it's freed up my time and my weekends too. Which is fantastic.

Rachel Steininger  05:01

That's amazing. I'm glad to hear it. So benefits inside the business and outside the business. That's great. Yeah, that's great. And I think everybody can relate to that need to check their email all the time, too. So I'm glad you could put it away. That's a definite win. What would you say is your biggest takeaway from being in the program? What's something that you'll carry forward with you whether you're in the program or not in the program?  What's something big that you'll take away?

Rob Harrer  05:24

Yeah. So I, I think one of the biggest was, you know, I'm kind of focused on the processes and systems. But you drill down on that, and then you've got the video course on how to do it. So that helped a lot. So because before we were wrestling, like, "Should we do it this way? Should we do it that way?" So it gave me a good framework to use moving forward, that was very helpful.

Rob Harrer  05:51

And also in implementation basically, coming up with different things. And instead of being something here, something there, take something and drive it to implementation. We had a segment on on that, which was very good. So that's helped a lot too.

Rachel Steininger  06:10

Great. That's fantastic. So last question is, if you were to be talking to somebody who's considering joining the Upward Acceleration Academy, what would you say to them?

Rob Harrer  06:20

Definitely do it.  You need to commit to it. But I think it's very easy to get your mind committed to it and follow through with it. I think anyone can benefit from coaching. And what was great about the Upward Acceleration Academy is that it wasn't too much in too compact period of time.

Rob Harrer  06:45

It's allowed me to learn, implement, do. Learn, implement, do. It's paid off multiple times over.

Rob Harrer  06:54

So I would say, definitely do it. If you are someone like me, which is like most small business owners I know, which is like working too many hours, putting out too many fires and you know, a bit stressed out.  And maybe you don't have in place what you need in place. And sometimes you just don't know what you don't know. So that helped quite a bit. So I would say do it.

Rachel Steininger  07:19

Good. Good. Well, thank you, Rob. It was a pleasure having you in the program and I can't wait to hear what happens next for you and Zero Debt Law Firm. Thank you.

Rob Harrer  07:28

Thank you, Rachel. Appreciate it.

rob harrer

I'm much more relaxed and confident that the business is running itself when I'm away from it, and it's freed up my time and my weekends too. Which is fantastic.

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