How To Communicate Goals That Self-Motivate Your Team

by Rachel Steininger

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Setting goals at work keep employees motivated

Years of talking...

And still, some doing just seems elusive. 

I'm sure you have fantastic employees.  But they aren't all wired like you.

Honest answer here...  what kind of ideas have been left on the table in your business because your team, as great as they are, simply weren't motivated by the SMART goals you'd laid out for them and you? 

Even with the smartest of SMART goals, something was still missing.  

This video will show you exactly what that is and...  more importantly... to fix it ASAP.

Because having fantastic and self-motivated employees means you can create a team and business like no other!

In this video, we'll uncover...

  • What this secret element to goal setting unlocked in employees that having a direct compensation link never did...
  • The easy (non-comp) way to link your business goals to the personal development goals of your employees so they see what's in it for them...
  • And we'll share the surprise of one business owner when he saw his employees quickly changing course...

Now with hands raised, your employees will be volunteering to help with growth initiatives and actually following through on it!

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