How To Grow Your Company With KPIs – Key Performance Indicators

by Rachel Steininger

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Gamify your goals with KPIs

How are you measuring the things that matter in your business?

And more importantly, how do you make it something you (or your team) will actually do?

Hint: keeping it boring is definitely not the answer!

No more numbers for the sake of numbers

Some people live for the numbers for the sake of the numbers.

Other people like them for how they can guide us.

But if neither is your natural inclination, what can you do to make it something you enjoy using in your leadership toolkit?

Answer: Turn your results into a game...

In this video, we'll talk about...

  • Why you need to add something measurable to every goal...
  • How to make it measurable and motivating...
  • And how gamifying your results can help you win big.
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